Friday, July 17, 2009

Chapter 2 Momijigari

Busy day.  Lots of boxes to haul.  I dropped the books down at the Diamond distribution center in Torrance, and then left a few copies  for Stuart Ng to take with him to the Comic Con.  Hopefully 8-9-3 will be picked up by some people there.  I'll be working on Open Season 3 at Sony while that's happening.  Too bad.   Anyway, here's some more images from Chapter 2: Momijigari. Strangely this is my favorite chapter because I had to deal with so much exposition.  I guess I like what I ended up with.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chapter 1 "What They Are Good For"

8-9-3 is here (tomorrow)!

After years of late nights and precious weekends that could've been spent with my lovely family, my gaphic novel 8-9-3 has finally been printed and will be delivered to my door tomorrow.  The good news is that the itch of doing my own comic book has, for now, been scratched.  The bad news is even with Diamond distributing the printed books and Genus Kamikaze doing the iphone app, I will still be dealing with the daunting task of reaching out to would-be readers who are not aware of my little sordid tale of  Yakuza mayhem.
In an effort to shamelessly promote the book and the app, I will periodically be posting artwork and recount how I pulled this whole darn thing together.  Stay tuned...